To enable scientific research on education, science, culture, art, sports and to organise services and activities in accordance with law and provides consultation when necessary.

  • To develop and implement   national and international education  programs.
  • To organise, prepare and conduct  projects  for the purposes of the service issues.
  • To organise  conferences, symposia, meetings, panels,  training courses, seminars and summer schools on education, science, culture, art, sport and  to provide consultancy.
  • To develop local, national and international partnerships; cooperate with public institutions and organizations, non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, universities, professional organizations, chambers, associations and foundations, local administrations, consulates and so on in order to carry out projects in the capacity of "project manager", "project partner", "project associate" with their own resources and / or funds to cooperate with national, international and multinational organizations.
  • To develop education, management programs and vocational programs, to implement and enforce existing programs, to organize training and seminars, to prepare and have prepared training materials, to make surveys and scales, and to provide training and education programs in order to contribute to the structuring and development of students, teachers, parents, administrators and guidance services. To develop methods and strategies, to provide consultancy services.
  • To provide necessary trainings, to develop measures, strategies and projects for children and young people who need special education.
  • To support individuals and communities that are disadvantaged by reason on difficulty in accessing information and education, socio-economic deprivations, physical and / or mental disability, orphanage, immigration, etc, to organize trainings, courses, seminars, cultural, social, artistic and sports activities for them, to develop and carry out projects.
  • To provide support for mothers and fathers in order to bring up good individuals, to organize education, courses, seminars, to apply family, double therapies, to apply and to give counseling.
  • To provide all kinds of domestic and foreign information, documents, documents and publications necessary for the realization of the measures, to establish a documentation center, library, publishing newspapers, magazines, books, brochures, reports, bulletins and papers in order to disseminate and publicize their activities and to enlighten their members and the public, preparing and have prepared cd-rom, web site, radio-television-internet programs, music and movies.
  • To organizing and have organized concert, theater, dance show, festival, ball, fair, kermes, exhibition, fashion show, entertainment, competition, campaign etc. in line with the directions. To make productions, events, organizations, special days and nights.
  • To provide a healthy work environment in order to make real all aims and services, also providing all necessary vehicles, technical tools and crew, fixtures and stationery materials.
  • To carry out aid collection activities, to accept donations from domestic and foreign countries by taking  necessary permissions.
  • To organize social events for the benefit of the cooperation such as concerts, theater, performances, festivals, promos, fairs, exhibitions, fashion shows, sports encounters, entertainment, contests, campaigns.
  • To establish and operate economic, commercial and industrial enterprises in order to provide the revenues that are nedded for the realization of the purposes of bylaw. Participating or joining with other foundations, associations, professional organizations, educational institutions, associations and chambers in line with the aims of constitution.
  • To open up local area, to establish social and cultural facilities and to decorate them for the benefit of memebers and to provide them to spend their leisure time.
  • To organize or allow members to take advantage of  activities such as meetings, concerts, ballrooms, theater, performances, exhibitions, sports, excursions and entertaining activities, sports and artistic activities, domestic and foreign excursions, etc. for the development and maintenance of human relations between members.
  • To buy, sell, rent, lease movable or immovable property as needed for association activities; To construct and renovate the buildings in accordance with the activities.
  • To open branches, establishing foundations, establishing federations and confederations, or participating in established ones, establishing facilities that associations can establih with permission.
  • To establish, operate and develop educational, arts, sports and cultural enterprises in the direction of aim and services; to open, organize and operate educational institutions, courses, dormitories, camps.
  • To operate internationally, to become a member of associations or organizations abroad and to cooperate with or assist projects. To execute National and international student, educator and special exchange programs, giving scholarships at various levels of education.
  • To set up platforms for realizing a common purpose with other associations or foundations, trade unions and similar non-governmental organizations in areas that are interested in the purpose of the project and are not prohibited by law.
  • To open a representative office in order to carry out the activities of the association in places where it is necessary.

To carry out all activities aimed at the purpose specified in Article 3.1 of the organization's bylaw. The organization shall conduct all its activities in accordance with the legal principles and procedures.